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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I encourage repeat Business?

One of the greatest ways to create repeat business is to fashion brand loyalty. By placing your name/brand/logo on the makeup products your customer uses every day helps to keep your business ‘front of mind’. This means that when your customers discuss makeup products with other people you brand will often be their first recommendation. Word of mouth (WOM) is considered to be the ultimate exposure (and promotion) for your brand that will also encourage new customers to try your labelled products.

How can I sell my labelled products?

As a beauty industry professional you will find that your customers trust your judgement and value your expertise when it comes to makeup for formals, weddings and/or their general appearance. This gives you the unique opportunity to showcase your expertise as well offer your clients high quality products at competitive prices – which can only purchased from you.

Can I sell private labelled products in my Salon?

Retail space is expensive so it makes sense to utilize that valuable real estate to generate additional profit for your business. Rather than promoting and selling products that can be found in local chemists and/or other salons, you will be offering your clients products that are exclusive to your business. Being able to generate 100% on products that also promotes your brand, creates brand loyalty and ongoing relationships makes perfect business sense.

Why should I choose Girlee?

Girlee Cosmetics has been supplying the Australian Professional Beauty Industry for over 20 years with premium quality Made in USA makeup. Girlee Cosmetics supply to Salons, Schools, Spa’s and Professional Makeup Artists and offers an exciting collection of makeup, brushes and accessories.

Girlee Cosmetics believes in great makeup that works beautifully and is popular with their clientele. Our mission is to supply professional products which are comparable to leading major brands at realistic prices that benefit the consumer as well as the professional technician.

Girlee Cosmetics understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ mentality and therefore offers a huge range of products that can be customised to suit your individual needs. This includes products, standard packaging, brushes and affordable custom display options as well as the ability to order ONLY what you want, when you want it!

Although, Girlee Cosmetics offers no minimum quality requirements on standard packaging; custom formulations, bulk quantities and alternative packaging options generally do require minimum order quantities. Please call our showroom to discuss these options and we are happy to assist you in finding what works best for you.

*Girlee products are Hypo-Allergenic * FDA Approved * * Paraben Free * Not Tested on Animals * Non-Comedogenic *

How do I register for Private Label?

Please click here, print the form and fill in your details.

How do I design my own label?

For more information about designing your label please click here.

Where can I have my Labels Printed?

There are many different companies that Print Labels so finding the right printer for you can take time, research and comparing quotes.

We are often asked who we recommend so we have added their details below:

Super Labels Pty Ltd

10 Brendan Drive Nerange QLD 4211

T: 1300 787 886

Our Foundation Chart will give you a greater insight into our Foundation range which is ‘non-comedogenic, oil free, hypo-allergenic, not tested on animals, gluten-free, made in the USA, professional pigment and FDA Approved’.

Follow the chart by choosing your skin type and foundation choice/s then moving through the colour section and type (eg. Gold/Warm/Neutral) to find a match that will deliver the results that are best suited for you and/or your clients.

For even more information about our Foundations and to assist you selecting your perfect products, we recommend reading – ‘Girlee Cosmetics Foundation Information‘. You can also contact us our showroom and one of our staff members will be more than happy to assist you.

Face Charts are a handy tools used by students and make-up professionals as reference guides for runaway and/or stage productions, Film and Television or to help create the perfect look for their individual clients needs.

Whether make-up us being used on a Bride, for a formal or another special occasion, Face-Charts assist make up artists with important decisions (including colour, theme, skin-type and style). Face-Charts can be used to help pitch creative ideas, showcase colour designs and / or collaborate with their clients.

Face Charts are also used to help make-up artists ‘keep track’, trail or re-use different colour combinations and products used.

You can start using Face-Charts today by downloading and printing a FREE copy here

Creating a Face

Face Charts are an excellent first point for learning and practicing contouring techniques as well as understanding different face shapes. When contouring it is important to use excellent high quality professional products as well as the right brush skills and method. You will be amazed at how you can transform an entire face by using different colour and shade combinations (with liquids and/or powders) to achieve the most outstanding results.

Here is an example of how to use our contour products can be used in conjunction with a Face Chart. Try our ‘2 Faced Contour Pack’ and instructional guide to help you understand how contouring with professional products can ‘create a face’.