Wigs come in many colours, shapes and sizes but perhaps the first and more important questions are what are the types of wigs available and what ones are more suited to my needs.

The first choice is to decide between Human Hair and Synthetic Fibre Wigs. To help you in the decision making process, we have put together the following information. Should you require more information or can’t find an answer to your question then please be sure to contact our main showroom for assistance. Free Call 1800 077 187.

We are often asked “why would someone with hair wear a wig?” Well, in our experience, most women do not have the hair they want and/or the time, energy or money to have nice looking hair all of the time – or for special occasions!

Many times we will spend money on a great new outfit only to be stuck with the same old stringy looking hair, while having great looking hair can make an old outfit look new!

Wigs are especially good for travelling when you want to sightsee and muck around during the day but still look great to go to dinner at night. And, if you have ever tried to find a good hairdresser in a new town or foreign country you’ll love the option of just putting your wig on and you’re ready to go!

We have put together a little list of reasons our customers love their wigs and why they wear them:

  • I have thin, fine hair that won’t hold a style.
  • I don’t have enough hair for the styles I like.
  • With the cost of colour & cut, I can stretch the time between hairdresser visits and save 3+ visits a year by wearing my wig.
  • I’m losing hair due to medications, stress, etc.
  • I’ll be travelling and want my hair to look good without having to Find a hairdresser.
  • I want my hair to look great at a moment’s notice.
  • My colour needs doing but I don’t have the time/money to keep it up regularly.
  • I want long hair but it won’t grow, or it’s much too slow.
  • We travel and I want to be able to look good at night even if I’m busy all day sightseeing.
  • I hate seeing grey/dark roots between colours.
  • My hair always frizzes when it’s humid.
  • My job requires that I look well groomed and professional every day and I don’t always have the time or energy to mess with my own hair.
  • I have nice hair but a good cut only lasts a few weeks and then it won’t do what I want.
  • I hate “Bad Hair Days” – they ruin my whole day.
  • My husband wants to go out to dinner and I can’t be bothered washing and/or styling my hair after a long day.
  • I love a short sassy style occasionally but don’t want to cut my hair now that I’ve grown it out.
  • My hair is thinning on top and I’m self conscious and it’s getting harder and harder to cover it.
  • I like to dress according to my mood, so I choose shoes, handbag, jewelry and HAIR to suit.
  • My hair is damaged and I need to give it a rest.
  • I cut my hair and I hate it and I’m trying to grow it out.
  • I have curly hair and I’m damaging it by straightening it every day – plus the time it takes.
  • I would love to have curly hair sometimes but I don’t want a perm and don’t have the time/energy to curl it.
  • I’ve always wanted to be:
    • blonde or red
    • really dark or highlighted
    • have a fringe or not
    • But don’t want it, or the maintenance, all the time.

Hair is the the best accessory. If your hair doesn’t look good, nothing else you have on will look good either.

It is amazing how many everyday items have improved dramatically over the last few years, and wigs are no exception! Today’s wigs have come a long way from the wigs of 20, 10 and even 5 years ago. This is due to advances in cap construction as well as state of the art synthetic fibre improvements.

The new synthetic fibres are very lightweight, have exquisite colourations and the style is “built in” to the fibre so there is never any need to re-style. The advances in fibre and colouration options insure they are more natural looking and more durable than ever before. Because synthetic fibre does not attract or hold dirt or oil, these wigs only need washing every 15 – 20 wearings.

Advancements in wig fabrication enable specialty (hand tied) constructions like Mono Top and Lace Front to be generally available at affordable pricing. Even standard “machine made” wigs are now lighter, with more open construction for comfort and increased ventilation. Unlike wigs from years ago, new styles use less “pre-teasing” and less fibre for a much more natural look without excessive volume.

Wigs developed a reputation for being “hot”, but with the advances in fibres and construction this is no longer the case. Today’s wigs are no hotter than wearing a scarf or cap, and the convenience of being able to look your best at a moment’s notice is a huge benefit for so many.

Movie stars, TV presenters & other high-profile personalities all know the benefits of good wigs. Professionals in every occupation know the value of being able to look their best without the time/energy/frustration of doing their own hair every morning. Those suffering any kind of hair loss know the increase in self-confidence and stress relief of instant style.

There really is a fast, easy and affordable look and style for almost everyone and we are committed to helping you find it.

Instant style, colour, versatility and comfort – all at affordable prices.

Human Hair Wigs & Hairpieces

Human Hair wigs are incredibly beautiful and come in a wide variety of styles, constructions, colours and price ranges. Human Hair wigs can also be custom cut into other styles. The care of Human Hair wigs is just like caring for your own hair, using professional quality products and styling tools like hot rollers, curling tongs or flat irons – bearing mind that the hair has been highly processed. We recommend the use of professional quality shampoo, conditioner and regular protein treatments on human hair wigs and they will need to be re-styled after washing just like your own hair. Human Hair wigs will last longer than synthetic fibre with proper care and if split ends occur over time, can be trimmed. Most of Our 100% Human Hair wigs are REMY so they can be professionally deposit only coloured darker but cannot be bleached, lightened or permed. Note that any cutting or chemical application is done at your risk and there are no implied guarantees.

Synthetic Fibre Wigs & Hairpieces

While there are various qualities of synthetic fibres on the market, our synthetic wigs are manufactured with the finest fibre available for wigs and we offer various construction options to suit every need. Synthetic Fibre is lighter in weight than human hair, and the style is “built in” to the fibre so there is never any need for re-styling. We do not recommend custom cutting synthetic fibre wigs (other than a simple fringe trim) and that is the reason we carry so many different styles. Because synthetic fibre does not have cuticle, it does not collect or hold dirt; does not need to be washed as often as Human Hair; and cannot be coloured. Synthetic fibres create beautiful colour blends; highlights; and even “rooted” or gradient colourations. All long synthetic wigs will tend to “fray” at the ends and/or under at the nape from rubbing on skin and fabric and it is important to brush out any matting after wearing and regularly use synthetic conditioner in this area to prolong the life of your synthetic wig. There are different qualities of fibre used to make wigs and cheaper fibres do not look as good or perform as well as our top quality fibre.

“Curlable” Synthetic Fibres

Relatively new to the wig and hairpiece market are heat resistant “curlable” fibres, and once again these come in various qualities. Without a lot of history to rely on, we have found this type of fibre acts and feels like regular synthetic with the additional benefit of being able to use heated styling tools. However, this fibre can be burned and will frizz if the heat is too high, or held on the fibre too long. In light of this, it would make sense that applying heat repeatedly would also have an effect and “wear” the fibre more quickly. We will have more detailed information as time goes on and we can get a better idea of the durability of the curlable fibres.

We are carrying a number of hairpiece styles and wig styles in curlable fibre and are looking for feedback on performance.

The BIG WIG constantly researches industry trends in wig styles, wig construction and wig fibres to bring you the newest and best quality wig and hairpiece products available at reasonable prices. Our factories automatically send us samples of new products to test and try before we stock them so we know we are supplying our customers with the very best the industry has to offer. Being the biggest isn’t enough, we strive to be the BEST in selection, quality, service and price.

Party & Character Wigs

Manufactured to meet specific price points and are of lesser quality fibre and construction. Within this category are “Mannequin” quality wigs that are typically made of better quality fibres and construction than most party wigs, but still are considered lesser quality than our range of fashion and medical wigs.

Fashion & Medical Wigs

Machine made wigs are the least expensive type of wig construction and are available in the largest range of styles – we carry over 250 different styles and each of these styles are available in as many as 40 colours. There are construction variations within machine made wigs including: patented all-stretch caps; Petite cap size styles and some with Mono-part areas, so there is something for everyone, and they are available in both synthetic fibre and Human Hair styles.

Pseudo Mono-Top

A very few styles are made using a select area of sheer base where a small amount of hair is attached by hand allowing for a natural part and/or the hair is attached by a bonding method rather than by hand to give the appearance of a natural part. These techniques can be very effective and offer the appearance of a Mono-Top without the cost in either synthetic fibre or Human Hair. However, they do not offer the other benefits of true Mono-Top construction such as styling versatility, “no-slip” areas and the very natural crown appearance and comfort.

Monofilament Top (Mono-Top)

Wigs have a section at the crown where each “hair” is attached by hand to a sheer base that gives these wigs the most natural appearance and styling versatility. Most Mono-top wigs also feature a “no-slip” band at the front hairline for security and some also have “no-slip” side tabs as well. Mono-top wigs sit more “flush” to the scalp so they have less “volume” on the top of the head for a softer, more natural look. This type of wig construction is more expensive than machine made construction due to the labour involved and is available in both Human Hair and synthetic fibres.

All Hand Tied

Wigs feature an extremely fine mesh base where every hair in the entire wig is attached by hand to create an incredibly natural look and feel. Many hand tied wigs also have “no-slip” front and side tabs for security. These finely crafted wigs are extremely lightweight; are very comfortable to wear and the “hair” moves just like your own. This is the most expensive and most beautiful type of wig construction due to the amount of hand labour involved in manufacture. This type of construction is available in both synthetic fibre and Human Hair wigs.

Lace Front

The Lace Front Collection features an invisible (transparent) lace line where each hair is hand tied into the hairline area to give the appearance of “natural hair growth”. These wigs do not require any tape or glue and the invisible hairline contours to your forehead, providing the most comfortable and naturally looking wig cap ever made. This feature allows you to wear a style brushed back off the face, a trendy side part or the wispiest of fringes. This type of construction provides the most natural appearance and a little makeup foundation can be applied and blended into the lace area if desired. The majority of Lace Front wig styles are manufactured with a machine made back but there are All Hand Tied versions available. The cost of Lace Front wigs will vary according to the amount of Lace area and the construction of the rest of the wig. Lace front wigs are worn by many celebrities and entertainers and we offer a great range of styles, colours and lengths in synthetic fibre and selected Human Hair options.

Wig construction does affect the cost of a wig, but does not necessarily mean that a machine made wig will be less comfortable or look less natural on YOU. In most cases, feeling and looking comfortable and natural in a wig has more to do with choosing the style and colour that you like than it has to do with the hidden construction.

Human Hair wigs and Synthetic Fibre wigs are completely different in their characteristics and how they can be customized. See Synthetic Fibre versus Human Hair wigs for more detailed information.

Synthetic Fibre (including Curlable Fibre)

May be successfully cut by a qualified hairdresser experienced in synthetic wig cutting. However, since synthetic fibre does not react to cutting like human hair does we do not recommend cutting a synthetic wig other than trimming the fringe.

This is the reason we stock more than 400 styles – so you can find a style you like, already done! Because the style is “built in” to the fibre in synthetic wigs, if it is cut incorrectly it will not blend properly to create a new look. If dull shears or blades are used to cut synthetic hair the ends of the fibre may shred and/or split.

Also, since synthetic fibre does not have cuticle, it cannot be successfully coloured. Synthetic wigs are made with beautifully blended strands of coloured fibre resistant to fading, and most wig styles are available in a wide variety of colours. Specialty colour combinations and effects like highlighting, lowlighting, gradient and rooted colourations, tipping, two-tone and piano blends are all available in selected styles.

Synthetic wigs of today are beautifully made and pre-styled so there is virtually no maintenance other than simply washing as needed. The range of styles and colours is so huge that you can literally find almost every style/colour already done – eliminating the time and money involved in trying to customize. Any cutting and or/alteration is undertaken at your own risk.

Human Hair Wigs

Can easily be custom cut into other styles. Once again, we do recommend that any cutting on these beautiful wigs only be done by a professional experienced in wig cutting as the hair won’t grow back!

It is also important to remember that human hair wigs need to be restyled after washing and the style may need to be “touched up” between washings. Human hair wigs will act just like all human hair and while it doesn’t need to be washed and styled as often as your own, it definitely requires more care than synthetic wigs where the style is built into the fibre. Human hair wigs will eventually get a few split ends but a trim will take care of those quickly and easily, or opt for a re-cut into a shorter style for a whole new look.

There are various qualities of Human Hair and the best quality is REMY Human Hair with the cuticle intact. This quality of Human Hair can usually be professionally coloured darker or toned using semi-permanent strength activators. Bleaching or lightening is never recommended and you should always perform a strand test prior to attempting any colour alteration. PLEASE NOTE: Human Hair is a perishable product and all cutting and/or chemical application is undertaken at your own risk and there are no implied guarantees.

When selecting a Human Hair wig to be customized, be sure to allow enough length and volume to accommodate the new style. While you can use heated styling tools like hot rollers, flat irons and curling tongs, remember that the human hair used to make wigs has been highly processed and treat it with care. Anything that burns your fingers will burn hair and repeated over-use of any heated appliances will shorten the life of your human hair wig.

We hope this information has been helpful, but please phone us toll free at 1800 077 187 for personal attention if needed.

Oh Boy! The good news, and the bad news, is that many of our styles come in over 40 colours! The good news is that you can literally have almost any colour you want, but the bad news is narrowing it down and making a decision on that colour!

Synthetic fibres have come a long way and today’s wigs are light weight, easy to wear and the colours are exquisite. There are many highlighted and lowlighted combination colours; some with chunky highlights and many with soft, subtle blendings; some feature all over highlighting and some are highlighted only on the top; some colourations feature lighter & highlighted crowns, deeper colour at the “centre” and darker at the nape. The other great news about wig colours is that they don’t fade and you never have re-growth. Ooops, unless you want re-growth and that is known as gradient or rooted colouring in synthetic fibre wigs.

Because there are so many variations available, we limit the colour selection on our website to the most popular colours and combinations. We have had these colours professionally photographed to make them as accurate as possible. If you do not see a colour you like please email or phone as we do carry additional colours that are not shown on the site or can order a certain colour for you if it’s available. You can also email us a photo or send us a swatch of your hair for colour matching.

Wigs give you the opportunity to wear colours that might be too expensive or damaging to try to achieve with your own hair. They eliminate the time required to actually get the colour as well as the ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs in both time and money.

So, have fun and look great in a hair colour you’ve always wanted.

Bold or bashful, natural or naughty - it’s your choice!

The first consideration in choosing a wig you will love is to decide if you want it to look much like your own hair (on a really good day) or if you want a total change.

If you are a new wig wearer, we find that staying with a style similar to your own hair (the way you want it to look) is often most comfortable. In that case, it’s pretty easy to look at the various styles on our models to find yours as we do not retouch or re-style the wigs when photographing. If you are uncertain, you can email a photo of yourself on a good hair day and we will assist you in finding the wig closest to your style.

When you are looking for a change, you can start by narrowing down the choices such as length; curly, wavy or straight; layered or blunt; full or wispy fringe; some volume at the crown or very sleek; and that will assist you in your selection. You can also email us a photo of a style you like and we can let you know if we have something similar. We constantly receive new styles and will probably never have them all up on our website but can email you a photo.

We could go on and on about the style you should wear if you have a round, long, heart shaped, etc. face, but those suggestions are easily found online or in magazines. In our experience both as a hairdresser and fitting hundreds of wigs, most women have a pretty good idea of how they want their hair to look and no chart or “do’s & don’ts” is going to change their mind.

That is why we carry over 400 styles so you can find one that gives you the look YOU want to see when you look in the mirror. It really doesn’t matter what we or anyone else think of your choice as long as it makes you happy, confident and loving yourself!

The majority of people have what is considered a “standard” head size and all good quality wigs have some form of size adjustment. Most wig cap sizes will comfortably fit most heads, but some brands run a little larger than standard and some a little smaller than standard. In general, Mono-Top, Lace Front and All Hand Tied caps tend to be on the small side of average. (See Wigs Construction for more information on Mono-Top, Lace Front and All Hand Tied construction).

Those with a larger than average head and/or a lot of hair may want to consider an “all stretch cap” that will provide a little more flexibility throughout the cap itself. If the issue is a lot of hair and/or long hair, you will want to tightly twist or plait the hair to minimize as much volume as possible and secure under a wig stocking.

For those with a smaller than average head size there are some “Petite” cap size styles available and even a few Ultra Petites that more comfortably fit children and those with extremely small heads and/or very thin, fine hair. Because these wigs are made on a smaller base, they also contain less fibre and are more proportional for smaller people. If you are more comfortable in a Petite cap size but really love a style only available in a regular cap size, we have a couple of quick and easy ways to minimize standard cap sizes.

Wigs shouldn’t be “tight” - most are adjustable at the nape, but if it’s too tight it will tend to ride up. The front should sit at the natural hairline with the side tabs (little triangles w/soft wire) evenly centered above the ears and the back will then sit naturally just under the occipital bone. The tips of the wires in the side tabs should be gently shaped toward the face to give a beautiful fit at the temples and VOILÀ - you’re gorgeous!

Synthetic Wigs

GOOD NEWS! Your synthetic wig doesn’t require “re-styling” as the style is “built into” the fibre. However, you do want it to look natural so here are some tips:

  • Make sure the wig is sitting properly at your natural hairline and temples. If the fringe is too long, it is better to have the fringe trimmed rather than push the wig back which will distort the shape of the wig and it will not fit properly or be secure.
  • To add volume and loosen the fibres, gently shake the wig before putting it on – this works best with short & medium length; curly and/or wavy and layered cuts.
  • Many wigs have the option of changing the parting and you can experiment with your style to see if this works by gently brushing in the direction you want. It may take a little gentle coaxing as most wigs are finished with a parting in place.
  • If there is too much volume; gently press that area with your hands for a brief period to decrease the volume.
  • If you need to add volume, the fibre can be gently teased but you may find “fluffing” with your fingers may work just as well.
  • You can use water-soluble hair spray, but we recommend spraying your fingers and applying rather than spraying the whole wig. The more product you use, the more often you have to wash your wig.
  • Allow your wig to be a little “messy” - no one’s hair is always perfect and you don’t want it to look like a helmet!

Enjoy looking great at a moment’s notice without effort. It doesn’t get much better than that!!

Human Hair Wigs

There is nothing more beautiful than human hair. However, it does require more care than a synthetic wig. If you like your hair longer and basic without much in the way of layering or volume, a human hair wig is the perfect answer. You can let the wig dry naturally and gently finish with a flat iron if needed or blow dry if desired.

If you have short to medium length hair and a specific style that requires blow drying, curling, etc. you will have to do that re-styling after every wash just like you would on your own hair. For some this would be an enjoyable exercise but others may find it too difficult and/or too much trouble.

As with any wig, those with Mono-Top, Lace Front and Hand Tied Constructions offer the greatest opportunity for customizing partings, fringes and other style elements.

The great thing about a human hair wig is that it can be professionally cut into any style you wish and you can even re-cut as desired for different styles. We do recommend that you make certain you find a hairdresser that is experienced in wig cutting prior to making any style decisions, as it won’t grow back!

Wig prices vary depending upon quality of hair/fibre, length of hair/fibre and construction. As a general rule:

  1. Human hair is at least twice as expensive as synthetic.
  2. The longer the length, the more it costs when comparing the same quality of hair/fibre.
  3. Some exotic colourations and state of the art styling’s may be more expensive than their more traditional counterparts.
  4. The type of construction plays a major role in the price of a wig, and is the most significant cost factor other than the quality and length of the hair or fibre. Construction methods that require hand work (like mono-top or all hand tied) are considerably more expensive than “machine made” wigs.

Bear in mind that there are many different qualities of both Synthetic Fibre and Human Hair. The best quality in either Synthetic Fibre or Human Hair will look better and more natural and last longer than inferior qualities. We are proud to offer wigs from the world’s finest wig makers, using the best qualities of Hair/Fibre available.

See “Wig Construction” and “Synthetic Fibre versus Human Hair” for more information or contact us directly at 1800 077 187.

Many people suffer hair loss due to medical treatments, medications, partial or total alopecia and other medical hair loss conditions. All wigs at The BIG WIG are suitable for medical prosthesis wig purposes but some options are more popular than others for temporary hair loss due to medical treatments. We offer a wide selection of affordable synthetic or human hair wig styles in an amazing variety of colours and offer empathetic, professional assistance. Our company mission is to offer the biggest selection of the finest quality wigs at the best prices. Purchasing a medical wig or cancer wig is a very personal experience and “settling” for something you don’t really like is not what we encourage our customers to do. We offer a huge selection of affordable wigs without sacrificing quality or service.

The BIG WIG has been actively involved in supporting cancer support groups through volunteer activities, direct funding and donations for the past 20 years. We work with all medical wigs voucher programs whether they are Cancer Councils, government support agencies, insurance companies or hospital assistance programs to help cancer patients and other medical conditions. The Look Good Feel Better program, Chicks in Pink and others have benefitted from our support over the years.

Our professional staff are accustomed to helping people through this ordeal, striving to make the experience of choosing a wig as positive and emotionally supportive as possible. Some of our customers in this situation wait to choose a medical wig until they are actually experiencing hair loss while most choose to start the process prior to losing their hair by taking a pro-active approach.

We have found that looking at styles and colours prior to actual hair loss can help us to find a medical wig that most closely resembles your natural hair. Many of our customers have also expressed a sense of relief that they are prepared for the time that hair loss begins. In many cases, patients will elect to shave their heads prior to significant hair loss and start wearing the wig immediately. So often they tell us that no one even knows they are wearing a wig and are asked if/when they will lose their hair.

At the BIG WIG we carry many Petite Cap Size wigs for those with smaller, petite size heads. We stock a range of child’s wigs that can also be worn by adults with very petite sizing. Children’s wigs are available in a small range of styles and a selected collection of natural colours.

Standard wig cap sizing will fit most people as they are adjustable at the nape, providing security and comfort. When wearing a properly fitting wig while you have hair, it is usually not necessary to pin or secure the wig. When wearing a wig after hair loss, it may be necessary to wear a wig “stocking” to provide a base for the medical wig to sit properly and feel secure.

You may not want to wear a wig all of the time and finding comfortable “turbans” and other head coverings can be difficult. Many people with hair loss find their heads get cold at night and we have a wide selection of both basic and “designer” turbans and scarves to accommodate your needs.

The BIG WIG Main Showroom in Bundall Queensland on the Gold Coast of Australia stocks over 450 wig styles and all are available in numerous colours. While we cannot carry every colour in every styles, we have over 8,000 to choose from, starting at $99. We offer experienced, professional service and privacy if needed. We are located near the Gold Coast Race Course and offer easy, plentiful free parking and wheelchair access. Because we are not in a busy shopping centre, and everyone who visits has a hair issue, most visitors feel very comfortable addressing their hair loss issues.

BIG WIG Express is located in the heart of Surfers Paradise and carries more than 80 wig styles in a variety of colours. While providing a convenient location for many tourists, most regular wig wearers and those wanting a much larger selection will opt to visit our Main Showroom. There is a convenient shuttle available from Surfers Paradise to our Main Showroom only 10 minutes away from Central Surfers. Please call 1 800 422 460 or 5526 9162 for more information.

Unfortunately, hair loss due to medical issues has become more and more commonplace but many people in this situation do not know where to go for help. We are available to assist medical wig customers as detailed above; on our Facebook page, by email info@bigwigaustralia.com or by phone: 07 5526 9162 or Free Call 1 800 422 460. Let us know how we can help you.

“A great costume starts with a great wig”

Party wigs are manufactured to meet a market that is price driven as most people do not want to spend more than they have to for something that will only be worn occasionally. However, almost everyone still wants to LOOK GREAT and not be seen in something that looks like it came from the end of a mop.

Unlike typical “hang sell” products that cannot be taken out of the bag or tried on, The BIG WIG HotLocks Collection of party wigs offer a great selection of styles and colours at affordable pricing while maintaining quality.

Wig pricing is based on construction, quality and length of fibre and styling. To meet certain price points, we carefully adjust one of those factors to achieve a product that still looks good and offers you the best value for dollar possible. Even in our least costly wigs we maintain cap quality construction and utilize a less expensive fibre that will still give you many wearings.

Our Economy Party Wigs offer 3 great styles and a big range of colours in an economy grade fibre, but are still quality construction that will give you numerous wears.

Our HotLocks Collection are a little more expensive and use quality fibre that other companies use in their “good” wigs. This collection features more than 60 styles of Party & Character wigs, many in a variety of colours.

Featuring everything from Betty Boop to Vampire and Elvis to Marilyn, there are many options like the Long Cleo that can be styled in a variety different ways.

All of our wigs are “uni-sex” and can be worn by male or female, and they can all be re-styled using a proper wig brush and Hair Spray or Spray Gel. Most Party/Character wigs are synthetic fibre so please do not use heat of any kind. However, there are some styles available in the new heat resistant fibres and you are able to use heated tools like curling tongs and flat irons on these products.

If you are searching for a specific character/look, please email us a photo (info@bigwigaustralia.com) and we will help you find the best options to achieve that look.

We would also love to have a photo of you in costume on our Facebook page.

Thank you for “partying with the BIG WIG” and have a great time!!

  1. Human Hair Extensions can be curled and/or straightened with ordinary heated tools, bearing in mind that the hair has been highly processed and will damage more easily than unprocessed hair. Using protective products prior to heated tools will extend the life of the hair.
  2. Human Hair Extensions can be PROFESSIONALLY “deposit only” coloured darker with semi-permanent toning formulas – products using only low volume activators. Any chemical application or cutting is undertaken at your own risk and there are no implied guarantees.
  3. Perming, bleaching or lightening are not recommended and can destroy the hair.
  4. Proper “nutrition” is important to maintain and extend the life of Human Hair Extensions. Professional quality products are recommended, with regular protein treatments and moisturizing conditioners.
  5. As Human Hair Extensions is not attached to the scalp, washing is only necessary at wearer’s discretion. Using hairspray or other styling products work well on Human Hair Extensions, but the more product used, the more often you will want to wash your extensions.
  6. We recommend using a natural boar bristle brush for Human Hair Extensions as well as your own hair. Boar bristles help smooth the cuticle creating shine and minimizing tangling, and the bristles are soft enough not to “tear” the hair causing breakage and split ends.

Human Hair Extensions – Washing Instructions

Washing Human Hair Extensions while wearing them is not recommended. When your hair is wet it is more fragile and the weight of the ClipIns could stress your hair and cause breakage.

It is important to keep the hair in a “natural fall” position (as it sits on the head with the clips at the top) and not to rub, twist or tousle the extensions that may cause tangling or matting.

  1. Pour a capful (+- 5 mils) of professional quality shampoo into lukewarm water in a basin and swish to mix.
  2. Hold Human Hair Extensions ClipIns at the top and place gently into water to soak for 20 minutes.
  3. Remove ClipIns from basin and add approximately 5 mils of moisturizing conditioner to fresh rinse water and swish to mix.
  4. Lay Human Hair Extensions pieces into conditioning rinse for 20 minutes.
  5. Lay on dry, clean towel and gently squeeze out excess water. (DO NOT rub as the hair may matt)
  6. Place ClipIns on a dry towel and allow to air dry, or gently blow dry as needed bearing in mind that blow drying on high/hot will dry out the hair and may cause heat damage (just like your own hair). Also note that human hair is fragile when wet and excessive blow drying may cause breakage and/or hair loss.
  7. Styling your human hair ClipIns using a blow dryer, flat iron, curling tongs or hot rollers will be just like styling your own hair and can be accomplished while wearing them or before attaching.

We are often asked “why would someone with hair wear a wig?” Well, in our experience, most women do not have the hair they want and/or the time, energy or money to have nice looking hair all of the time – or for special occasions!