Medical Wigs

Hair loss is becoming more prevalent for a variety of reasons including: genetics, medications, various types of Alopecia, chemical damage, hormonal issues and chemotherapy.   No matter the reason, hair loss can be emotionally draining and a real blow to your self-confidence.   Complete hair loss from Chemotherapy (or Alopecia) can be devastating and many of our customers have said the idea of losing their hair was worse than the medical diagnosis/condition.

We understand how difficult it is when faced with the prospect of losing your hair and work with you to find the perfect option so you can look in the mirror and feel like yourself.   With the amazing styles and constructions available today, it is our genuine pleasure to see the beautiful smile when we find you the perfect match.

What is a Medical Wig?   Any wig can be called a “Medical Wig”, but the term most often refers to wig constructions that incorporate Hand Tied, Natural Scalp looking areas in the crown, part and/or hairline.   They are generally called Mono Top, Lace Front, Lace Top or Hand Tied and some of them have additional “security” features for those without any hair.

Most of those suffering extreme hair loss from medical treatments have never thought of wearing a wig or know anything about them.   We believe it is important to help educate our customers, providing them with enough knowledge about wigs to be able to make an informed decision without any pressure.

Our many years of experience assisting clients suffering hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments enables us to offer empathetic support and understanding during such a difficult time.


The effect of even partial hair loss on your self-esteem can be dramatic.   Wearing a wig that suits you, and you look like yourself on a “good hair day” can make all the difference in your self-confidence.  

Dealing with thinning hair on a daily basis can be exhausting and the constant stress of worrying that it can be seen when the wind blows makes many not want to go anywhere.   It is generally thought that only men suffer from “male pattern baldness” but many women suffer from “female pattern baldness”.   Most often women do not lose all their hair at the top or front, but it can get so thin that it is very visible.  

It seems no one really likes to talk about female hair loss or address the issue, leaving most to their own devices.   This usually entails using a coloured powder or spray to disguise the balding area, then teasing and lots of hairspray so it doesn’t move.   Unfortunately, these tricks don’t usually cover well and often accentuate the problem.   It can also cause more damage to already fragile hair compounding the problem.

There are top or “filler” pieces available that can work well for some.   The selections are available in various constructions, lengths, curl patterns and fibre.   We recommend a personal consultation to determine if they will work for you.

So many women suffering this type of hair loss today are opting to wear a wig, at least some of the time.   While wearing a wig will not help you grow more hair, it does give you and your hair a breather and can allow your existing hair to strengthen and bounce back.  Give your hair a break from teasing & spraying torture and look great instantly without the struggle and embarrassment of trying to disguise the problem.