Toppers Crown Area Hairpieces

Toppers Crown Area Hairpieces

Our great selection of "Toppers" can be the perfect solution for hair loss on the crown, fringe or hairline areas.    They also add volume and density to thin fine hair; hide regrowth (roots) between colours and help you grow out layering  for an immediate style boost.


ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!    Because "one size does NOT fit all" we offer a personal consultation  to make sure you get the right size, style and colour for YOU, your look and your lifestyle.   No Appointment Required.

We stock a beautiful range of "Toppers"  so you can add "just a little" or "add a lot" so you get the perfect piece to suit your needs.   Our pieces are available in more than 26 colours for a perfect match.

Our expert staff are available Monday - Friday 9 - 5 and Saturdays 10 - 3.