Types of Hair Accessories and How to Use Them

Types of Hair Accessories and How to Use Them

Hair can be one of your most striking features, which is why you take such care every day to style and decorate it perfectly. Changing your hair even minimally can drastically change your look. It can make you look older or younger, sexy or sophisticated, bold or demure, or reflect whatever look or feeling it is you’re wanting to achieve.

There are many hair accessories used by people to keep it out of the way or style it. Learn about some of the most common and useful hair accessories here.

French Combs

This is a quick and easy to use hair accessory, that are great for people who want their hair out of the way or for those with long hair. They can also be used to create a specific style by locking your hair in place. French combs come in various sizes, shapes and designs. The right way to use these combs is to put it on backwards and upside down, then flip it over to lock your hair in to place. The teeth of the comb should be facing toward the front of the head. Voila!


Pins are a basic and beloved by many hair accessory, one that usually everyone has lying around their home. They are made of a curved metal with one open end and one closed end. Their sizes and colours vary, and they can be plain or adorned in looks. Since pins are more inconspicuous and hold hair tightly, they are great for creating buns and chignons. Also, since there are so many colour options, they are great for creating invisible holds in the hair style of your choice.

Hair Pieces

Sometimes a great hair style requires long hair, curly hair, thick hair or whatever else hair that you simply don’t have. Luckily, there are hair pieces to help! A hair piece is the perfect hair accessory for anyone wanting to achieve a sophisticated bun or long length ponytail, they simply clip into place and instantly transform your look. They really are as easy as that!


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