How to Put on a Wig Properly

How to Put on a Wig Properly

Wearing a wig properly is not a very difficult task, but if worn the wrong way it can be uncomfortable and it may look out of place. Synthetic wigs are pre-styled and ready-to-wear immediately.

Different wigs are packaged using different methods, to protect the styled hair and preserve its appearance. They can be folded, inside out, tucked, upside down or other.

Once you take the wig out of the packaging, cup your hand inside the wig and shake it to loosen the fibres. Make sure not to use a plastic bristle hairbrush, they can often damage the wigs synthetic hair fibres.

What to do next depends on your hair length. If you have short hair, simply brush it back. If you have longer hair, make flat pin curls out of hair sections and secure them with pins or flat clips. Alternatively, for a very long/thick hair, create two plaits at the nape and cross, wrap and pin into place. A wig stocking is suggested to further minimise the bulk of your hair. Make sure there are no uneven areas with big bulges or bumps. There are products – such as a wig liner or wig grip – that will help you secure all the hair away from your face, which can be used for any type or length of hair.

Next, you put on your wig. For short styles, hold the wig by its nape, tilt your head forward and slip the wig on like a shower cap after positioning the wig above your eyebrows. For long styles, it is preferable to hold at the temples with cross arms and position as above. Position the front of the wig at your natural hairline, adjust the tabs to set evenly at the temples and snug the back down to the nape to set under the occipital bone.

Wigs have adjustable Velcro tabs or hooks at the nape of the wig for a more secure fitting. You can adjust the circumference of the cap according to your needs. If you have chosen a lace front wig, adjusting the wig will need a delicate hand as a rough touch can damage the monofilament fabric of the cap.

If you are struggling with the proper wear of your wig, wig cap or hair piece, Big Wig Australia will happily show you in store at our Gold Coast location or walk you through the steps through our online personal consultancy service. We are here to help make your wig experience the best it can possibly be.