Pros and Cons of Human Hair Wigs

Pros and Cons of Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are very beautiful, and they look and feel very natural. A human hair wig can often be more expensive compared to synthetic wigs, but they are also generally heavier and “hotter” and require more care comparatively as well. If you are considering buying a human hair wig, here are the pros and cons that you need to keep in mind.


If properly washed and maintained, human hair wigs can last for a very long time. Human hair wigs are versatile to style, which means they can be professionally coloured and styled using heat just like your real hair. Though it is important to note, that any chemical application or cutting must be undertaken at your own risk as there are no guarantees offered with human hair wigs. Human hair wigs feel and look completely natural, and are quite comfortable to wear. As such, they are a great choice to be used as a medical wig for anyone suffering from hair loss. The biggest positive to a human hair wig, and the reason why they are such a popular choice, is that they are the best option when wanting a completely flawless natural look. A great quality human hair wig will look so seamless, even you may forget you’re wearing a wig!


Unfortunately, human hair wigs tend to be high maintenance. They need regular washing, deep conditioning and styling in order to maintain their longevity. On average, they are more costly than synthetic hair wigs. Human hair wigs can be very delicate, and so, you need to be really careful while washing, brushing, or using heat. Colour of the human hair wigs tend to oxidise and become faded with exposure to light, just like real hair, but can be professionally refreshed and rejuvenated to look just like new!

Human hair wigs can also weigh more than a synthetic hair wig of same length and style. When choosing a human hair wig, it is advised that you check the weight of the wig in order to make sure it is comfortable for continued wear.

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