Lash Glue / Professional Size

$9.95 Includes GST


The most popular Eyelash Glue in America and the favourite of professional makeup artists everywhere.
It comes in Dark (Brown) and White (dries Clear) and while it can be used for Individual Lash attachment, it is designed for “strip” lashes.
The Professional Size Tube does not clog, it’s easy to apply and holds really well but won’t tear out your own lashes when you remove your Flashes.
Tips for quick and easy application:
Apply a thin layer of glue to the lash “strip” (don’t use too much – a little holds really well)“work” the lash to warm it up and increase flexibility
Apply to “ledge” where lash meets lid (not on top of eyelid)
Use tweezers to push lash into perfect position

  • Allow glue to dry thoroughly
  • Apply Mascara to blend

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