Picasso Ridge Toothbrush Style

$12.95 Includes GST


This gorgeous on-trend  Picasso Ridge Toothbrush Style of professional makeup brushes is made from the highest quality synthetic fibre, vegan and Animal Cruelty Free.    The extremely dense fibres feel luxurious against the skin and the unique ergonomic handles are designed for comfort, style and usability.
Unleash your creativity – See our Picasso Information Chart for suggested uses:
The smaller brushes are excellent for “precision” areas such as under the eyes and around the nose.  The Picasso Ridge Brushes are fantastic for brows,  as a liner and perfect for special effects makeup.
Your only limit is your own imagination.

Once you begin using these brushes you will quickly see why they have become an internet sensation. There is an abundance of tutorials from makeup fans to Beauty Industry Professionals who demonstrate how they best use each brush.

vegan VOGUE Brushes by Girlee Cosmetics are committed to “Ethical Excellence in Brushes”

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