Activator – Duo Pack

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Activator – Duo Pack

Take advantage of this great offer, you will not be disappointed!

This great little product is called by many names:

Eyeliner or Eyeshadow Sealant or Activator; Mineral Eye Dust Sealant or Activator, it really doesn’t matter what it’s called, because it works to give you versatility!

Use a drop of Girlee Cosmetics Eyeliner Activator and mix with:
Any of our Mineral Eye Dust, Catwalk Collection High Definition Paints or even our pressed Eyecolour or Blush On. This creates a liquid (without changing the colour) that you can use as an eye liner or shadow, or even as a “paint” to create designs almost anywhere!

Girlee’s Activator does not contain alcohol so it doesn’t sting eyes and doesn’t evaporate. When mixed with our dusts/powders, the resulting liquid goes on beautifully, gives you great control and stays on just like a liquid liner.

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