Myths About Wigs-Debunked

It seems as though every beauty product has old wives’ tales. Before buying a wig, you should only take the advice of professionals and experienced retailers, and ignore the gossip – especially outdated gossip – entirely! Wigs today are completely updated with lightweight options and airy caps, as well as amazingly natural appearing fibres in colours most only dream of. There is a reason so many celebrities, actors and TV personalities regularly wear wigs… instant glamour!

FALSE: Wigs Fall Off in the Wind

All kinds of wigs have different lengths, fits and sizes, which means you need to make sure you are buy the right wig to fit your head shape. If you do that and you have it fitting properly, your modern wig will sit securely on your head no matter the weather. Modern wigs have come a long, long way over the years, and with a proper fitting wig that is a good-quality make, no one will be the wiser. Rain, sun or wind, you can wear your wig with confidence (though you should still consider using an umbrella in heavy rainfall, that’s just good sense).

FALSE: Wigs Are Hot and Itchy

If you experience any itchiness from wearing a wig, it is in fact caused by the end of your hair poking your scalp. This happens whenever it has been incorrectly secured down prior to putting your wig on. It’s not your wigs fault (well, if it’s a really poor-quality wig, then it might be)! Modern wig caps are made in such a way, so as to allow ventilation for the scalp. So, all wigs being hot and itchy is just an outdated myth.

FALSE: A Wig Doesn’t Look Like Real Hair

When in fact, it is often extremely difficult for anyone to tell a wig or your natural hair apart. The main difference is, usually the wig looks better than your own hair. This is especially true if your wig is made from human hair, although good-quality synthetic hair wigs are virtually impossible to differentiate from human hair thanks to beautiful modern fibres. Lace front wig caps even offer an invisible hairline to allow for an off-the-face hairstyle!

FALSE: There Are Not a Lot of Wig Options

Big Wig Australia has over 8,000 wigs in stock at our Gold Coast store, which are also available for purchase online Australia-wide! They come in a wide variety of makes, colours, textures, styles, sizes, constructions and more! Plus, with the help of our personal consultancy service, anyone can find the right wig for their face shape and desired look.

FALSE: They Are High Maintenance

Synthetic wigs require virtually no maintenance, other than occasional washing, as the style is ‘built into’ the fibre. After washing and air drying, a quick shake and it returns to the original style. Too easy!

Human hair, on the other hand, does require some work (with a blow dryer, flat iron, hot rollers, etc.) if you want a particular style. If, however, you like a long natural look, the maintenance is significantly less.

If you are looking for high-quality, modern wigs, hair accessories, hair pieces and cosmetic products, visit Big Wig Australia’s Gold Coast store or shop online to find the items you need.