Medical Wigs VS Fashion Wigs: What is the Difference?

Medical Wigs VS Fashion Wigs: What is the Difference?

Wigs are a fantastic way to change or enhance your looks and have the added bonus of being extremely convenient for busy women who have no time to do their hair every morning. Medical wigs are for patients who suffer from hair loss due to medical reasons. There are virtually no differences between medical wigs and fashion wigs, as essentially any wig can be used as a medical wig.


Patients who undergo hair loss due to medical reasons, may have a sensitive and tender scalp. There are many great-quality medical wigs that are constructed with these issues in mind, and wigs are not as secure with hair underneath. Fashion wigs tend to be more focused on style and looks rather than comfort, but, a great wig will achieve both: great looks and a great fit.


Medical wigs are also called cranial prosthetics, they protect the scalp of the patient and hold more securely on to the scalp. They are specially made to be easy and comfortable, giving the wearer one less thing to worry about. A lengthy, luxurious fashion wig can be heavier, but, once again, a great-quality fashion wig will not be uncomfortable. It will achieve great style with easy wear.


A quality wig (of both types) can have an invisible hairline, and if properly adjusted won’t move around with the wearers momentum if properly fitted. They will look quite natural in order to give the wearer peace of mind and confidence while they are wearing the wig. Fashion wigs tend to be quite various in their construction and make, which means they can feel heavy or light, soft or fibrous and much more. There are so many variations available, that it really all comes down to trying them on and seeing which one feels best for you.

The Verdict

Essentially: fashion wigs are meant to be a fashion accessory, whereas medical wigs are a supplement to help the healing process of the patients. However, with a great-quality wig – fashion or medical –  it will achieve comfort, style and durability, in order to help you feel glamourous and confident no matter how you choose to use it.

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