Human Hair Wigs VS Synthetic Wigs: A Beginners Guide

Human Hair Wigs VS Synthetic Wigs: A Beginners Guide

It may often become confusing for first time wig buyers as to which type is best choice: synthetic or human hair wigs. Both kinds have their pros and cons based on the buyer’s lifestyle and style preferences, and so, different products are in fact best for different buyers depending on their needs.

Here are some pros and cons about human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs that can hopefully help you decide which wig type is the best one for you.

Look & Feel

Obviously, human hair wigs look and feel the most natural because it is, of course, real natural hair. A good quality human hair wig that has the perfect feel, weight and movement is worth investing in. On the other hand, a good quality synthetic hair wig will look very natural too, but since the hair fibres are synthetic, won’t feel quite as natural as human hair. Synthetic however, usually maintains its style better and can be much more durable than human hair wigs. It is very difficult to point out the visual difference between high quality synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs, often your lifestyle and how you plan to use your wig – whether that’s every day or just for special occasions – make a big impact when choosing between the two.

Durability & Versatility

Human hair wigs, if maintained properly, can last a long time. With proper maintenance, a human hair wig can last even longer than a synthetic hair wig! However, synthetic hair wigs are not heat friendly, unlike human hair wigs. Which means, human hair wigs can be re-styled depending on what look you are wanting, making them more versatile than synthetic.

Maintenance & Care

Human hair wigs need proper care and regular maintenance, whereas synthetic hair wigs are fairly low maintenance. All wigs need to be shampooed and conditioned just like real hair. Synthetic hair wigs too, but they are not as high-maintenance as human hair wigs.

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