Have a question about any of Big Wig’s products or Gold Coast store? Here is a list of all of our current and past customers frequently asked questions about our wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions, hair care, skin and body care, professional makeup, party costumes and more.

Any wig can be worn as a “medical” wig, however, this term is most often applied to Mono(filament)Top wigs,  Lace Front or Hand Tied wigs.  These wigs are constructed by hand tying fibre at the crown, front hairline or throughout the cap and offer the most natural appearance.  Most of these wigs also incorporate area(s) of “non-slip” material that help hold the wig in place and increase the wearer’s sense of security.  Because these construction methods are made by hand there is increased labour cost and they are therefore more expensive.

There is nothing wrong with regular “machine” made wigs and, depending upon the style, they can be just as attractive and appear very natural.   They are very secure when you have hair, and for those without hair to grip to, simply wearing a wig “stocking” gives the necessary security.

In short, the term “Medical Wig” has more to do with the purpose for wearing it and little to do with the type or style of wig.

There are considerable differences in synthetic fibre qualities and therefore, how “real” they look.  The best qualities of synthetic fibre are available in beautiful colourations and have the look and even the “feel” of human hair.  We have found that even many hairdressers are not able to tell the difference at first glance or touch.

The beauty of top quality synthetic fibre is that it is lightweight, is available in a huge array of colours & colour combinations and the style is built in to the fibre so they never have to be re-styled!

Many times the reason a good quality synthetic wig can look fake is because of a choice of style/colour that doesn’t “fit” the person wearing it.

The best way to find out is to try them on, but we have found them to be very effective even in hair that is quite short.  By adding more than 1 layer so the added hair isn’t concentrated in one spot and adding enough hair to be consistant with your hair texture, you can often achieve a very natural look – quickly and easily – giving you an option to get through that growing out period.

For Human Hair Wigs = $295 to $5000
For Synthetic Fibre = $99 to $395

For Human Hair Wigs = Must be re-styled
For Synthetic Fibre = Style built in

For Human Hair Wigs = Yes, and can be trimmed regularly
For Synthetic Fibre = Not recommended

For Human Hair Wigs = Some can be professionally deposit. Only coloured darker – no lightening
For Synthetic Fibre =No

How it’s made
For Human Hair Wigs = Machine Made Wigs, Mono-Top Wigs. All Hand Tied Wigs, Lace Front Wigs
For Synthetic Fibre = Machine Made Wigs, Mono-Top Wigs. All Hand Tied Wigs, Lace Front Wigs

For Human Hair Wigs = Heavier than Synthetic Fibre
For Synthetic Fibre = Lighter than Human Hair

For Human Hair Wigs = Hot rollers, Curling Wands, Flat Irons
For Synthetic Fibre = No heated appliances unless it is specifically “curlable” fibre

Amount of styles
For Human Hair Wigs =50 +
For Synthetic Fibre = 300 +

How long it will last
For Human Hair Wigs = ;2-3 x Synthetic, more in long length
For Synthetic Fibre = Short = 200+  Long = 50+ wearings

NOTE: How long your wig will last depends upon the length (longer wigs wear more quickly) and, most importantly, HOW WELL YOU TAKE CARE OF IT.

For great tips and information about caring for your wig and much more go to our Wigs Tips page.