Face Charts

Face Charts are a handy tools used by students and make-up professionals as reference guides for runaway and / or stage productions, Film and Television or to help create the perfect look for their individual clients needs.

Whether make-up us being used on a Bride, for a formal or another special occasion, Face-Charts assist make up artists with important decisions (including colour, theme, skin-type and style). Face-Charts can be used to help pitch creative ideas, showcase colour designs and / or collaborate with their clients. 

Face Charts are also used to help make-up artists ‘keep track’, trail or re-use different colour combinations and products used.

You can start using Face-Charts today by downloading and printing a FREE copy here:  “Face Chart

Creating a Face

Face Charts are an excellent first point for learning and practicing contouring techniques as well as understanding different face shapes. When contouring it is important to use excellent high quality professional products as well as the right brush skills and method. You will be amazed at how you can transform an entire face by using different colour and shade combinations (with liquids and / or powders) to achieve the most outstanding results.

Here is an example of how to use our contour products can be used in conjunction with a Face Chart. Try our ‘2 Faced Contour Pack’ and instructional guide to help you understand how contouring with professional products can ‘create a face’.

contour kit