EXPERT TIPS: How BEST to Take Care of Your Wig and Hair Pieces

EXPERT TIPS: How BEST to Take Care of Your Wig and Hair Pieces

Wigs are the perfect way as well as easiest way to create beautiful and fashionable hair without a whole lot of effort. They help you look the way you want, whenever you want and let you feel confident and glamourous always! That being said, your beloved wig needs some love and care in order to keep you looking flawless, and different types of wigs need different maintenance.

If you use a wig regularly, it is recommended that you wash it after roughly 10-12 times of wearing. This helps maintain the lifespan of your wig. On the other hand, washing it too often can destroy the wig fibres and have the same effect.

Here are some of our expert industry tips to help with your synthetic wig and hairpiece maintenance:

The right tools really do make matter!

When it comes to styling or brushing your synthetic fibre wig, unfortunately your regular hairbrush just won’t do. We recommend purchasing a specially designed steel bristle wig brush, designed for synthetic fibres, as a regular hairbrush can cause damage to your wig. You’ll also want to make sure that your wig is not wet when you brush it.

For human hair wigs and hairpieces, a natural boar bristle brush is highly recommended, as it helps smooth hair cuticle and minimise tangling while creating a beautiful natural sheen.

The right products matter too!

There are specifically designed wig shampoos and conditioners that you should be using for your synthetic wig care. Using regular shampoo on synthetic fibre leaves residue requiring more frequent washing and can cause the hair fibres to become damaged.

Washing a synthetic fibre wig or hairpiece is as simple as letting it soak in sudsy shampoo water in a bowl or basin and again in conditioned water. The important thing is not to wring, swish or do anything to the fibres while they are wet. Removing the product from the water, giving it a shake to remove excess water and letting it air dry on a towel or wig stand is all that is required. We have a video on our website and printed care instructions, but will always help by phone or email also.

Avoid, evade and keep away from excessive heat!

If you wear a synthetic hair wig, be sure never to use heat styling tools on it, such as: a hair dryer, straightener, curling iron or other heated tool. All of these can in fact destroy your beloved wig! After washing your wig, air dry it in the shade (not in the sun). Never use a hairdryer to blow-dry a synthetic hair wig unless you are certain it is heat resistant fibre.

Taking proper care of your wig can help you to get the most use out of it. If you are in need any type of wig or hair piece, assistance or information about care and maintenance, make sure to visit Big Wig Australia at our Gold Coast store!