Different construction styles of wig caps

Different construction styles of wig caps

Based on the wearer’s needs, comfort and look requirements, there are several types of wig caps for both human hair wigs and synthetic fibre wigs. Different types of caps are available to suit different purposes. Here is an overview of different types of wig cap constructions and their purpose.

Hand Tied

In hand tied wig caps, every hair is knotted and tied by hand to the cap. The inside surface of hand tied caps is smooth and comfortable and “hug” the head for a perfect fit. Hand tied caps tend to create the most natural movement, as hand-knotting allows each hair fibre to move freely. They are extremely comfortable and a great choice for anyone who wears their wig for medical reasons. Some wig cap constructions are a combination of hand tied and machine wefted hair. So, if you want a wig that is a hundred percent hand tied, you may want to double check with the seller before you purchase your wig.

Monofilament (Mono-Top)

The crown area is hand tied and this type of construction is generally very versatile in terms of parting the hair. The material of monofilament wig cap areas makes the hair look like it is growing from the scalp. Monofilament caps are partially hand tied and the monofilament part can be the crown, at a specific part or the entire top of the wig with the remainder being constructed with wefted hair. There are also double mono filament caps that have an extra soft layer for added comfort, and most mono top styles feature non-slip “security strips” for additional protection.

Lace Front

Lace front wig caps are the best choice if you want to guarantee an invisible hairline and either a wispy fringe or no fringe, as this cap is ideal for styling the hair away from the face. Some lace front wig caps are pre-trimmed, but others may need trimming and some tailored personalisation before wearing. Lace front wig caps are more delicate than mono-top or machine-made constructions, so more care is advised during any maintenance process to not damage your cap.

Basic Caps

Basic wig caps are the most common and affordable of all the wig cap options. This type of wig cap provides some volume at the crown of your head, because the crown is generally “pre-teased” in order to make the cap inconspicuous. This type of cap is composed of wefts anchored to vertical lace strips with open spaces between the wefts. The open space offers ventilation for the wearer, and basic cap wigs are extremely durable when compared to other cap options.

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