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How wigs today are different from and better than wigs of old.

Today’s wigs have come a long way from the wigs of 20, 10 and even 5 years ago due to advances in construction as well as state of the art synthetic fibres and Human Hair processing techniques.

Synthetic fibres of today have exquisite colourations, are more natural looking and more durable and some can even be styled using heated tools like curling tongs.  The new synthetic fibres are also very lightweight and the styles are built into the fibre so there is never any need to re-style.  Because synthetic fibres do not hold or attract dirt or oils, they only need washing every 15 to 20 wearings.   (See Synthetic Fibre versus Human Hair and Wig Care Instructions for more information).

Wig construction has also advanced allowing for specialty constructions like Mono-Top, Lace Front and All Hand Tied at affordable pricing.  Even basic Machine Made wigs are now lighter and more open for comfort and to allow ventilation.  Patented cap construction processes like “all stretch caps”  provide the most comfort in machine made wigs.  Unlike wigs of old, new styles use less fibre and less “pre-teasing” to give a more natural look without excessive volume.  (See Wig Construction for more information).

Human Hair wigs have also evolved due to the various construction techniques that are now much more affordable (see Wig Construction for more information) and in large part to better processing to maintain hair quality.  Human Hair wigs years ago typically used hair that was batch processed with acid to strip the cuticle, leaving the hair dry and over-processed.  Today’s Human Hair wigs use hair that is carefully prepared using more gentle colouring agents to maintain the quality and increase the longevity.  The best quality Human Hair wigs are REMY Human Hair with the cuticle intact.  

Wigs have a reputation that was developed years ago of being “hot”.  With the advances in fibre/hair and wig construction, this has become a fallacy.   Wigs of today are no “hotter” than wearing a cap or scarf and the benefit of being able to look your best at a moment’s notice makes things so easy!

So remember, just as most other everyday items have improved over the years, so have wigs ... they are not your grandmother’s wigs anymore!  Instant style, colour, versatility and comfort  - all at affordable prices.