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Many people suffer hair loss due to medical treatments, medications, partial or total alopecia and other medical hair loss conditions.   All wigs at The BIG WIG are suitable for medical prosthesis wig purposes but some options are more popular than others for temporary hair loss due to medical treatments.   We offer a wide selection of affordable synthetic or human hair wig styles in an amazing variety of colours and offer empathetic, professional assistance.  Our company mission is to offer the biggest selection of the finest quality wigs at the best prices.  Purchasing a medical wig or cancer wig  is a very personal experience and “settling” for something you don’t really like is not what we encourage our customers to do.  We offer a huge selection of affordable wigs without sacrificing quality or service.

The BIG WIG has been actively involved in supporting cancer support groups through volunteer activities, direct funding and donations for the past 20 years.  We work with all medical wigs voucher programs whether they are Cancer Councils, government support agencies, insurance companies or hospital assistance programs to help cancer patients and other medical conditions.
The Look Good Feel Better program, Chicks in Pink and others have benefitted from our support over the years.

Our professional staff are accustomed to helping people through this ordeal, striving to make the experience of choosing a wig as positive and emotionally supportive as possible.  Some of our customers in this situation wait to choose a medical wig until they are actually experiencing hair loss while most choose to start the process prior to losing their hair by taking a pro-active approach.  

We have found that looking at styles and colours prior to actual hair loss can help us to find a medical wig that most closely resembles your natural hair.  Many of our customers have also expressed a sense of relief that they are prepared for the time that hair loss begins.  In many cases, patients will elect to shave their heads prior to significant hair loss and start wearing the wig immediately.   So often they tell us that no one even knows they are wearing a wig and are asked if/when they will lose their hair.

At the BIG WIG we carry many Petite Cap Size wigs for those with smaller, petite size heads.  We stock a range of child’s wigs that can also be worn by adults with very petite sizing.  Children’s wigs are available in a small range of styles and a selected collection of natural colours.  

Standard wig cap sizing will fit most people as they are adjustable at the nape, providing security and comfort.  When wearing a properly fitting wig while you have hair, it is usually not necessary to pin or secure the wig.  When wearing a wig after hair loss, it may be necessary to wear a wig “stocking” to provide a base for the medical wig to sit properly and feel secure.

You may not want to wear a wig all of the time and finding comfortable “turbans” and other head coverings can be difficult.  Many people with hair loss find their heads get cold at night and we have a wide selection of both basic and “designer” turbans and scarves to accommodate your needs.

The BIG WIG Main Showroom in Bundall Queensland on the Gold Coast of Australia stocks over 450 wig styles and all are available in numerous colours.  While we cannot carry every colour in every styles, we have over 8,000 to choose from, starting at $99.  We offer experienced, professional service and privacy if needed. We are located near the Gold Coast Race Course and offer easy, plentiful free parking and wheelchair access.  Because we are not in a busy shopping centre, and everyone who visits has a hair issue, most visitors feel very comfortable addressing their hair loss issues.

BIG WIG Express is located in the heart of Surfers Paradise and carries more than 80 wig styles in a variety of colours. While providing a convenient location for many tourists, most regular wig wearers and those wanting a much larger selection will opt to visit our Main Showroom.  There is a convenient shuttle available from Surfers Paradise to our Main Showroom only 10 minutes away from Central Surfers.  Please call 1 800 422 460 or 5526 9162 for more information.

Unfortunately, hair loss due to medical issues has become more and more commonplace but many people in this situation do not know where to go for help. We are available to assist medical wig customers as detailed above; on our Face Book page, by email info@bigwigaustralia.com or by phone:  07 5526 9162 or  Free Call 1 800 422 460.  Let us know how we can help you.