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About Us

The BIG WIG, the world’s biggest wig store, is located in the heart of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and carries a huge selection of wig and hairpiece stock so there’s something for everyone.  Our various brands design, manufacture, import, distribute, wholesale and retail a unique combination of niche beauty products.

We have well-established relationships with reliable factories so we are able to offer the biggest selection of professional quality makeup; lashes; wigs; medical wigs; turbans; human hair extensions, fringes & ponytails; and synthetic hairpieces and products in Australia.

We stock:
•   More than 400 Fashion & Medical Wig Styles and
•   Each style comes in as many as 40 colours, so we have
•   Over 8,000 WIGS IN STOCK!
•   50 + Human Hair Wig styles
•   All Major Wig Brands
•   Petite Sizes, Children’s Sizes
•   Monofilament (Mono) Tops, Lace Front, All Hand Tied
•   McHAIR 100% REMY  Human Hair Clip In Extensions
•   McHAIR 100% REMY Human Hair Fringe & Pony
•   Turbans, scarves & accessories for Medical customers
•   200 Eyelash Styles Including Individuals
•   Integration (Filler) Pieces
•   30+ Hairpiece Styles – 21 Colours
•   Synthetic & Human Hair Care Products & Accessories
•   80+ Party & Character Wigs

By combining over 20 years experience in the wig and hairpiece business with more than 15 years as a licensed hairdresser specializing in all aspects of “alternative hair” options, the principals of The BIG WIG are committed to offering the best, easiest and most affordable options to those who want to have great looking hair.

While many people suffer from hair loss and/or damage issues due to medications, stress, chemicals, etc., many more just don’t, and never have had, the hair they want.   Most of us today do not have the time, energy or expertise to spend on  our hair on a daily basis to make it look the way we want and The BIG WIG can help.

So often we see someone beautifully dressed and the whole look is ruined by stringy, unstylish hair.   Great hair will complete any “look” and can be the most fun accessory in your wardrobe.  

Have you ever wondered if  “blondes REALLY have more fun”?  Try it - You’ll  like it!  (or brunette?  Or redhead? Or curly?  Or long?)

Hair – the perfect accessory for every occasion.